Best Weight Loss Stack

Best Weight Loss Stack

Your definitive guide to building the most effective weight loss combo

Fat burners…

To most, they’re a scary and mostly confusing thought, and although 99% of them are probably garbage, there are some of them that actually work. The problem with finding the best weight loss stack, however, isn’t one that’s easy to solve if you don’t have all the information you need to make solid choices regarding your journey and your supplements.




Shred JYM by Jim Stoppani


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Legion Supplements Phoenix Fat Burner


Kor Nutrition USA Thermakor


Transparent Labs PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner


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Some of the commercial fat burners out there tend to sport nothing but a bunch of ineffective ingredients, while others push the limits far beyond measure with their downright dangerous compositions.

So how do you sift through all the noise out there?

How do you know which products to turn to if even the Google search for best fat burner delivers nothing but plain-sight spammy results?

The answer is simple really: You educate yourself, and you then go ahead and discover that gold mine which lies hidden in the other 1% of products out there.

This post has been compiled in order to assist you with finding a combination of fat burning products that really work. We’ll show you what ingredients are worth their weight in gold, and we’ll also be showing you what products you can safely ignore.

By the end of reading this post, you should be able to see what the leading products are in the fat burning market this year, and you should be armed with all the information you’ll ever need in order to choose and put together the best fat burning products for your weight loss stack.

Are There Really Fat Burners Out There That Work?

Good question! The answer is YES.

There are quite a few products on the market that will assist your body in burning more fat than it would on a normal day.

Take a few of those products and then combine their efficacy (stacking should only be done when you’re prepared to play it safe), and you’ve got a winning recipe to boost your metabolism!

Is There Such a Thing as a Magic Pill?

Well, you should be able to answer that question honestly if you’re reading up about a weight loss stack. In order for you to effectively lose weight, you’ll need to do 98% of the hard work yourself, relying on supplements to push your body when you cannot put in any more effort.

Let’s do this:

Weight Loss = Healthy Diet + High Protein Intake + Monitoring What You Put In Your Mouth

To Go the Stimulant or Stimulant-Free Route

The answer here should be stimulants. We just said that, yes, because it’s the most effective approach. You want to use products that contain healthy stimulants such as caffeine. Stimulants that have fact-based proof that they work are classified as stimulants.

The reason why you should be using stimulant supplements isn’t hard to understand. They may help your body release stored fat for the purpose of supplying you with much-needed energy. Now that you understand why stimulant-based fat burners are more effective, you’ll need to determine in which form you’ll take your supplements.

Powders or Pills?

Early in 2013, fat burning drinks started trending in North America, and in modern times, it’s hard to decide whether you should opt for supplements in powdered form or those presented in pills.

The Pros of Fat Burning Pills

· Their efficacy is much more durable. Pills take a while longer to take effect on your body, but they tend to have a longer lasting time than powders. If you need something to curb your appetite, pills make much more sense.

· They’re more varied. Finding the exact product that you’re after is much easier with pills because they outnumber powders tenfold.

· They tend to be cheaper. When you go by the serving in any way. Powdered products usually cost a lot more and do go as far as a single-dosage pill does.

· They’re convenient. Pills can be taken anytime, anywhere. You don’t need a shaker and there’s no washing up to be done afterward.

The Pros of Fat Burning Powders

· They’re customizable. If you don’t feel like taking a full serving, you don’t have to, and that goes both ways. Powders can be customized per serving, which is something that cannot be done with pills.

· They kick in faster. Powdered formulas are a lot more potent during the initial period than pills could ever be. They don’t have to dissolve before they start working, which is where the difference comes in with powders.

· They may be tasty. Some powdered fat burning formulas taste great because the mix contains added sugar. This means that the best of the bunch will taste horrible, while those that may do more harm than good will taste a lot better than a pill would.

· They may have added benefits. Ingredients such as added amino acids and omega 3 oils may be added to powdered formulas. These are the kind of ingredients that will not be added to pills for the sake of fillers. Powders may actually deliver more value for money when you look at it this way.

Best Weight Loss Stack

In order to put together a combination of supplements that will help you achieve your weight loss and fat burning goals, you first need to understand what supplements truly work. We’ve rounded up a list of supplements that have been proven through work for weight loss by means of thermogenesis, the idea of increasing the rate at which your body burns fat.

The following products should be considered as key players in a weight loss stack:


Caffeine is commonly available, cheap, and effective in weight loss efforts. It may increase your mental focus, but it also has the ability to up your performance, suppressing your appetite, and assist your body to burn fat at a faster rate.

A daily dose of 100mg of caffeine per day should proof effectively as a threshold level to avoid the snag of your body building up a tolerance for caffeine.


Ephedrine is a high-potency stimulant, but many folks have a negative view of it. This stimulant increases the rate at which your body releases stored fat which is burned during a workout, but it may also boost a person’s metabolic rate by as much as 5%.


Synphedrine is a derivative of Bitter Orange, and in most aspects, it’s pretty much the same as Ephedrine, but it’s not nearly as potent as the latter. Synphedrine is there for a good replacement for folks that cannot use ephedrine but still need to boost their metabolic rate.

Green Tea

You’ve probably heard the name a thousand times before, which is why it might be a good idea to sit up and pay attention at this point in time. When taken in conjunction with a moderate caffeine dosage, green tea may help raise your alertness and up your mental focus. Since it contains catechins such as EGCG, green tea may be able to raise your body’s fat metabolism rate.


The bark of the Yohimbe tree is used as a source for the extraction, Yohimbine, which in turn creates a powerful fat-burner. This stimulant-based fat burning ingredient may be able to raise your body’s adrenaline levels, speeding up your metabolism and increasing the rate at which your body burns stored fat.

How to Avoid Falling for Scams

A lot of commercial weight loss products list the ingredients we just discussed as their core compositions, but that’s about all they list. The reason for this is because the junk they’re feeding you is nothing but hot air, nothing backed by science, and nothing that has been proven to really assist with weight loss or fat burning.

In the spirit of helping you save money and assisting you with recognizing pure crap, here are a few ingredients you can safely pass by when shopping for supplements:


Conjugated Linolenic Acid is a group of fatty acids that work with the glucose metabolism and steroid hormone production systems within your body. Even though CLA has been on the shelves for ages, there simply isn’t any concrete proof that this ingredient aids in weight loss and fat burning on any level.

Raspberry Ketones

A lot of products marketed specifically for women tend to list Raspberry Ketones as their core ingredient, but in reality, they’ll probably only make your breath smell like berries, and not much more. The studies that were done with this ingredient to indicate whether or not it was effective as a weight loss as fat burning aid were performed in tubes and rats, never on humans.

Green Coffee Extract

A lot of scammers promoted Green Coffee Bean Extract as the “Cure for Obesity”, but its popularity was short-lived. The claims on the efficacy of green coffee extract were based on preliminary research studies, and after the initial wave, no new results indicating any tangible proof were ever concluded.

Garcinia Cambogia

So this is yet another “amazing cure for fat” which never had any bite behind its bark. It might have a minor effect as far as appetite suppression goes, but only when the whole fruit is consumed, not just its extracts.

With that being said, it’s time we showed you what some of the best weight loss products and fat burning supplements on the market looks like…

Review of 2017’s Best Weight Loss & Fat Burning Supplements

Shred JYM by Jim Stoppani

We love Dr. Jim Stoppani and the amazing supplements he introduced to the market. Jym Supplement Science offers a product range that’s backed by science and a list of ingredients that’s justifiable and totally understandable. We’ll admit that one serving equaling 4 capsules might sound like a huge amount of stimulants, but the ingredients are so effective that the dosages are much more understandable once you get to know more about the science behind it. The reason why this supplement comes in as one of our top picks is because it supports fat release, transports the fat, and also boosts the body’s metabolic rate.

shred jym


  • Targets body fat in 3 ways thanks to the synergistic ingredients
  • Contains Synephrine, Green Tea, and Caffeine
  • Contains research-backed ingredients


  • 4-capsule dosage might seem a bit much for most folks

Legion Supplements Phoenix Fat Burner

A lot of people know that Legion Supplements is synonymous with great fat loss results, and their Phoenix fat burner is definitely a force to be reckoned with. The blend contains some very potent stimulants which include a blend of Green Tea Extract, Synephrine, and Naringin. When taken as a pre-workout, this fat burner will help you power through your routine, but it also boosts your metabolic rate, ensuring that weight loss is inevitable. Phoenix may increase thermogenesis, up your mental focus and energy levels, and help you lose the extra pounds.

legion supplements phoenix supplements


  • Promotes energy and mental focus
  • Boosts metabolic rate
  • Contains a transparent blend of stimulant ingredients


  • Phoenix might be a little too much for folks sensitive to stimulants

Kor Nutrition USA Thermakor

Kor Nutrition USA made waves with their fat burners and weight loss aids during the course of 2015, but their Thermakor is said to be one of their most effective and efficient fat burners ever introduced. The ingredient list of Thermakor is impressive, to say the least, and features some great stimulants such as Forslean, Synephrine, and Hordenine, all of which greatly aids in the battle against the bulge. The boost you’ll get from the clinical doses of caffeine and green tea extract further enhance Thermakor’s potency, ensuring that your metabolic rate is boosted to the max.

kor nutrition thermakor


  • Contains a powerful blend of stimulants for effortless fat burning and weight loss
  • Comes with a full money back guarantee
  • Contains clinically effective dosages of powerful fat loss ingredients


  • It’s not cheap

Transparent Labs PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner

If there’s anything we hate more than fat, its proprietary blends with exuberant product claims, but that’s definitely not the case with Transparent Labs. Their PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner is such a powerful blend of supplements, and the fact that the company is one of the only no-BS supplement brands on the market just makes us support their product even more. We love the fact that the PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner has a list of science-based ingredients and contains no artificial crap, only 100% transparent formulas. We’re betting you’ll enjoy the fat burning and weight loss benefits which are thanks to the addition of Forslean, Green Tea Extract, White Willow Bark, and Synephrine.

Transparent Labs PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner


  • Great value for money
  • Contains some powerful and very effective ingredients
  • Contains no fillers or additives
  • Comes available in a stimulant-free version


  • The stimulant-free version is not as potent or effective as the version with stimulants

Final Thoughts

We reckon that it’s pretty clear to see which one of the 4 top weight loss products in our lineup take the cake. We’re mad about Transparent Lab’s PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner. Not only does it offer you great value for money and provide you with all the fat-torching supplements you’ll need, it also offers real, tangible results. We reckon that using PhysiqueSeries as part of your weight loss stack would be one of the best decisions you could make unless you’re okay with taking forever to reach your goal.

We hope that this post has armed you with the information you’ll need in order to get out there and purchase some great supplements which will form the framework of your weight loss stack. Making up your own combo can be more efficient, it may save you hundreds of dollars, and it allows you to customize your stack according to your personal needs!