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The Best Time to Take Creatine

When Is The Best Time to Take Creatine?

The Best Time to Take Creatine

If you're lifting hard, eating right and supplementing you want to make sure you're making the most of those efforts. Training, sleep, recovery and diet all play an important role in building muscle.

It's been proven in studies that Creatine absolutely works. There are few other supplements on the market with as much scientific data as there is on Creatine. 

We know it works, so when is the optimal time to take Creatine?​

There are some people who are adamant that taking Creatine before your work out is the best use of it. Others believe Creatine post work out is the right way. And finally there are those who take it before AND after their workouts.

​I'm probably going to disappoint you here; there is little (if any) benefit to taking Creatine before compared to after your workout. [1]. If you're looking to give a slight edge to one or the other, it's best to take Creatine post-workout. 

This article, which unfortunately doesn't actually provide any data comes to the same conclusion - Creatine post workout is better than Creatine pre-workout. 

To further complicate this I came across an article which states that when you supplement in pre-workout and post-workout versus supplementing in the evening and the night it's far more effective [2]. It should be mentioned that this wasn't just a creatine supplement it was protein, creatine and glucose. 

I found this research after reading Jim Stoppani's article which discusses the optimal time to take Creatine. If you're wondering he believes that pre/post is far more effective than just supplementing post or pre-workout. I want to mention that it's anecdotal, but eyes are still a better judge than a research paper that doesn't exist.

For the average weight lifter here is the best answer to the question: when is the optimal time to take creatine. 

Take your 5g of creatine before or after or preferably both but the important thing is to get it in ya shortly before you workout or after. Timing isn't as important as bro-science wants you to believe - if you really want that edge get the proper amount of water and sleep.

And you don't need to change that whether you're just starting or you've been using creatine for months.