A love of sports started at an extremely early age, but it wasn’t until I started lifting weights that I actually believed I could be any good.

During high school I had good hands, an above average sport IQ and an even bigger heart. But it wasn’t until my sophomore year that I began working out to build mass. Initially, like most teenagers I worked out because it helped me in sport, eventually I worked out because it helped me with the ladies.

It’s come full circle and today I lift because I want to improve my ups for basketball, I want to hit the ball further in golf and I want to punish in Muay Thai. Although I’ll never compete in collegiate sports again I still love the fierce competition that only sport can bring out of me. And as such, I’ve become addicted to weight lifting to improve my game.

Naturally this led me to wonder, am I getting the most out of my workouts? I’m not going to blow my body up by taking steroids so I can win a men’s league title, but I am keen on delivering as much fuel as possible to enhance my workouts. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.